MIT CO-Lab: De-Colonizing Air Pollution

Follow this New conversation on Decolonizing Air Pollution Science in the context of different African countries! This Edition features the amazing Atmospheric Scientist Rebecca Garland, Epidemiologist Kofi Amegah, Scientist Noemi Tousignant and Urban Planner Constant Cap. Read the summary or listen to the whole episode! Thanks @MITCoLab

Rediscovering Neighbourhoods under COVID-19

Writing on the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Africa Blog, Constant Cap argues for re-thinking urban planning to reinstall social justice within African cities. Covid-19 exacerbates Africa’s urban inequality and injustice. In Nairobi, for example, slightly over 2.8 million people out of 4.5 million live in poorly serviced unplanned crowded neighbourhoods. These citizens are the most vulnerable […]

Covid-19: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Pandemics provide us with opportunities to reflect on our spatial management: good impacts, bad effects and ugly incidences. Although the general trend is that we are coerced into making short term changes; in many spheres, pandemics can serve as potential triggers for implementing long term improvement. The Covid-19 pandemic has been no exception. Some key […]